JetX in USA Online Casinos

JetX in USA Online Casinos

JetX casino game is one of the many crash games you can play online. JetX in US online casinos delivers fast-paced gameplay and decent payouts and has easy-to-understand rules. This is the game for anyone searching for a game that puts them in the pilot’s seat. With total control over when to cash out your winnings, you will want to act fast before the wins disappear from the screen. How do you do that? Well, that is what this page is all about.

Read on to discover how to play JetX for real money online. You will discover the game rules and special features such as auto cash out and auto bet that will make your gaming experience easier. Do you know JetX has a sequel? What makes this sequel special? There are answers to these questions on this page. As you’d expect, winning every bet will be difficult, but it doesn’t mean you can’t win with a little help. Discover tips and tricks to boost your chances of profiting from the game. Lastly, not all brands in the US offer this game. So, if you’ve been searching for JetX online casinos, we’ve prepared a list of brands you can pick from. 

Best online casinos to play JetX JUNE 2024

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7Slots of VegasSlots of Vegas Review$2500 welcome bonus
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8BovadaBovada Review100% up to $3000
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9BetOnlineBetOnline ReviewUp to $3000 bonus
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10MyBookieMyBookie ReviewUp to $1000 + $10 Free Chip
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11Red StagRed Stag Review$2500 welcome bonus
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12Liberty SlotsLiberty Slots Review$777 on first free deposits
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13Lincoln CasinoLincoln Casino Review$5000 on first 5 deposits
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What is a crash game?

It is as simple as it sounds. A crash game involves a multiplier that increases your bet gradually until you decide to cash it out or it “crashes.” A player places a bet (or two bets) of whatever sizes they see fit. After that, the game starts with a 1x multiplier, and as it goes up, it increases the bet wagered. It is up to the player to decide when to cash out the money.

In most cases, there is no limit to how big it will grow…but it can also crash the moment it starts. One certain thing, there is no sure way through which the player will know what will happen in the next second. This is because the game is based on the RNG software to ensure it is unpredictable and completely random. You can validate that the results were random using provably fair technology. So cashing out depends greatly on your gut feeling. 

JetX game facts

✅ Game Type: Crash Browser Game
⭐ Provider: Smartsoft Gaming
🥇 Release Date: January 2019
📱 Devices: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
❤️️ Return to Player: 97%
💵 Min./Max. Bet: $0.1 – $300

JetX game interface

  • JetX game interface
  • JetX game interface
  • JetX game interface

About JetX

JetX crash game was developed in January 2019, and it remains a popular game among players today, just as it was when it first appeared. The popularity stems from the fact that SmartSoft designed a game that broke the mold and monotony of playing regular casino games.

Instead of following complicated rules and strategies or including many sophisticated bonus rounds to reward players, SmartSoft developed a game with a simple user interface and fewer complexities. In fact, the only complexity you will encounter while playing the game is knowing when to cash out to be a winner. This puts you in the driver’s seat and keeps you in control throughout the gameplay.

As the game title implies, a jet is at the center of the action. You must place a bet and let the jet guide you on the best time to cash out. Every second it stays on your screen as you play JetX for real money, the amount you’ve wagered grows. However, the jet can disappear from the screen anytime. 

Many of you might question the authenticity and accuracy of the game. You should not have any doubts or worries concerning this. To enable you to verify the authenticity of the game’s outcome by yourself, the game features a Provably Fair technology.

JetX game rules

JetX game rules are straightforward to understand. Your objective while playing the game is to place a bet and wait for the jet to take off. Once it does, the amount wagered grows as per the multiplier on the screen. The longer the plane stays on the screen, the higher the multiplier and, consequently, the better the payout. However, the plane won’t stay on the screen forever. You must know when to cash out. You can use your gut instinct to do this or try to get a rough idea by looking at the JetX statistics.

How is the amount you win in JetX casino game calculated/determined? By multiplying the amount you wagered by the multiplier coefficient at the time of cashing out. So, for example, if you have wagered $100 and cashed out at a multiplier coefficient of x3.74, your payout would be $374. To make your playing experience smoother and more enjoyable, the team at SmartSoft has included two features that you should use while playing the game.

  • JetX Auto Bet

    The Auto Bet feature enables you to set parameters that will let you place future bets without pressing the “place your bet” or “place your bet for next round” buttons every time you need to wager. This is a game-changer because you only have 5 seconds to place a bet. Once you are satisfied with the parameters, toggle the “auto” button to activate this option.

  • JetX Auto Collect

    This one lets you cash out your bet automatically once it reaches the set multiplier. You can set the parameters from 1.35x up to a maximum of 10,000x. 

JetX statistics

The statistics section in the JetX casino game isn’t as detailed as that of Spribe’s Aviator game or Evoplay’s Lucky Crumbling. However, the available data is enough to help you make informed decisions when placing your bet. If you look to the left side of the screen, you will see figures, which are the multipliers for the past few rounds. You can observe these numbers and get a rough idea of how the jet has been crashing. Based on this information, you can try to come up with a pattern and use it to cash out your bet. 

On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see three categories; current stake, my bets, and statistics. The most important of the three is the statistics, which highlights how players have been winning in the past. You can also use this information to place your future bets.

JetX strategies and tricks

There are guides on JetX casino game, promising you strategies and tricks that will help you win often. You will even see a JetX predictor that is meant to tell you where the Jet will crash. However, it’s good to be honest that there is no way you are assured of winning every time you play the JetX game. The game uses a Randon Number Generator (RNG) software, which ensures every round played is 100% unpredictable. The fact that the game is random doesn’t mean you cannot make plays that ensure you win occasionally.

There are strategies you can use during gameplay and tricks that improve your chances of winning significantly. This is what this section is all about. Some of these tips are basic, but when put into practice, they can be the difference between winning and losing in JetX game. Of course, you also need a little bit of luck to win.


Don’t be too greedy

Steady bets will always win the day! One mistake players make is expecting too much from a single bet. You expect to place a $5 bet and get a return of $10,000. While it is possible to achieve this, you need to be extremely lucky to score such a prize. Can you imagine scoring the 2000x multiplier? It’s quite rare, even as the JetX statistics section indicates.

However, scoring an x2-x5 multiplier is something easy to achieve. Many past results show it is possible to score between x1.5 and x3. Can you imagine accumulating an x2 bet over 10 rounds? The odds will be a whopping x1024. With a $5 bet, it means you can walk away with a cool $5000.


Learn to hedge your bets

Hedging bets is a common strategy used in online gambling, not only in crash games. What this means is placing two bets at the same time so that you can make the most out of it. In this case, JetX game automatically gives you the chance to place two bets. As an intelligent player, what you need to do is place a higher bet on one side and a lower bet on the other. Use the higher bet to get low odds and recoup the amount wagered. Once you’ve recouped your stake, use the other side to get decent odds, which will not act as a profit. 


Use the auto-bet feature

When playing JetX bet game, you have up to five seconds to place your bet. This means every second counts toward placing that important bet, and if you can find something that saves this time, you should use it. Using the Auto Bet feature will save you time and enable you to focus more on cashing out, which determines the money you win in the game. 

JetX3 crash game

JetX experienced so much success that Smartsoft Gaming decided to release a sequel, JetX3. From the game’s name, you can already tell three jets are involved, which means triple the risk, triple the fun, and triple the chance to win. The game uses a different setup from the conventional JetX game. Instead of the jets taking off from a runway, it appears they are launching to outer space, as SpaceX’s Starship spacecraft does. The three jets have better designs compared to the original game, and so are the game’s graphics. After launch, they encounter obstacles such as asteroids, stars, and other planets.

With the normal JetX bet game, after it has launched, you see a graph that keeps growing until it crashes off the screen. In this one, the jets keep soaring the heights—vertically instead of horizontally—until they crash off the screen one after the other. There is no graph to indicate a multiplier. Instead, these multipliers are found at the bottom of each jet, and they keep growing for as long as the jets soar the outer space. How do you cash out your bet? Select the “collect” button on the bet you wish to cash out. The amount will automatically be credited to your account.

Crash games similar to JetX

Since the first crash game was developed in 2014/15, much has changed. If you can recall, 2014/15 was when cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were gaining traction online. Ever since so much has changed, and people have explored blockchain technology. This has enabled software developers such as Spribe, BGaming, SmartSoft Gaming, and many more to design better games, including crash games. In the market, you’ll find tens of crash games, but generally, the ones listed below stand out as the most popular ones.

  • aviator


    Spribe’s Aviator crash game is no different from the JetX game. There is an airplane at the center of the action, which takes off from the runway and determines the payout. However, this game outshines JetX in multiple areas. For example, it offers more features that let you be in more control of the game. You can always toggle off the “animation” under the menu if you don’t want to see the airplane. This applies to sound and music. The provably fair setting is also easily accessible under the menu.

    The most important thing Aviator has is the “history” section for the previous rounds. Click on the drop-down menu under the “watch” found at the top right corner of the screen to see the results of the last 60 rounds. Using this information, you can always try to predict where the next crash will happen and consequently cash out your bet in time to win.

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  • Lucky Crumbling

    Lucky Crumbling

    Evoplay has been very active when it comes to developing crash games. It is the same brand behind other popular games, such as High Striker, Goblin Run, and Lucky Crumbling. Lucky Crumbling stands out as the most popular one because it uses the same concept as Aviator, JetX, Spaceman, and other crash games. Instead of using a “jet” or “spaceman,” the game uses what appears to be a coin. The theme is also different and is set in a graph.

    Besides the difference in theme and appearance, Lucky Crumbling offers a much higher bet limit, which results in bigger wins. Bets in the Lucky Crumbling crash game start from $1 to a maximum of $1000 per round. At maximum bet, you can win $750,000, which is a tidy sum.

  • Spaceman


    As you can guess from the name, Spaceman is set in outer space with an astronaut at the center of the action. Pragmatic Play, the software developer behind the game, has used brilliant animations and space-themed objects to bring out the game’s theme. Beyond this, everything else remains the same.

    The Spaceman will fly to outer space, and you must cash out before he disappears from the screen. However, in the Spaceman crash game, there are two ways of cashing out; full and partial. You withdraw all the available winnings when you choose the “full” option. Partial cashout, on the other hand, lets you withdraw 50% of the available amount. After that, the remaining amount rides to the end. This is what sets the Spaceman crash game apart from the rest.

Play JetX for free



Overall, JetX game and its sequel, JetX3, are perfect for players looking to take control of their gaming experience. It also offers a nice break from regular casino games such as blackjack, slots, roulette, and many others. And the best part about it, you don’t need any special skills or prior knowledge of casino gaming to enjoy it. All you need to do to have fun while playing the game is visit any online casino that offers it and load it up. JetX in US online casinos is a fair and random game. Smartsoft Gaming uses RNG software and provably fair technology to ensure a fair and transparent gaming experience.

JetX crash game FAQ

How much can I win in JetX?

You can win anything from $1.01 to a maximum amount of $10,000 or equivalent currency. The higher the bet you wager and the multiplier coefficient, the better the expected return.

How to play JetX?

Load the game and set the amount you wish to bet (you can place one or two bets). Once the plane takes off, the bet amount starts growing as it soars up the sky. To win, you must cash out before the plane disappears from the screen.

Is JetX legit in the US?

The JetX3 game is legit in the US, Canada, or anywhere else where online gambling is legal.

When should I click cash out?

The right moment to cash out while playing JetX for real money varies from one player to another. As long as you feel you have attained your target multiplier, you should cash out without hesitation.

Are there any helpful tricks in JetX?

The most important trick that works is using the two bets to your advantage. Place one with a higher bet amount than the other. Then use the one with the higher bet amount to recoup the wagered amount. Cash out as soon as you've attained this goal. Use the remaining bet to make a profit.