Online Blackjack for Real Money in the USA 2024

Online blackjack

Blackjack in US online casinos is among the few games that offer a true and tested element of skill during gameplay. This allows you to improve your gameplay through study, research, and practice at the tables. Thanks to the regular RNG-based blackjack games, you can fine-tune your style of play through the demo mode before switching to real money play. Once you master the basics of the game, you can involve yourself with games that offer side bets. Games with side bets take online real blackjack play a notch higher with entertainment and excitement. They also create more chances of beating the odds and improve your chances of winning.

If you are keen to know the basic rules involved as you play blackjack online in the USA or simply want to know more about side bets, this is the right place to be. In addition to this, we have a few tips to help you have a blast as you play online blackjack for real money. You will also learn a thing or two about basic blackjack strategies and how they can help you improve your winning chances online.

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How to play blackjack

Traditionally, you would have to travel to your local casino to play blackjack. This was the case up until the internet became a reality and casinos moved online. The introduction of the internet made it possible for players to enjoy their favorite game(s) of blackjack without moving from their homes.

Initially, you could only play blackjack for money online from your desktop. The introduction of laptops and WiFi made it convenient to access the internet and, consequently, online casino games, including blackjack. With the introduction of mobile devices, players could now carry online casinos that offer blackjack with them. All they needed to do was pull their devices out of their pockets and start playing blackjack online.

Of course, with the evolution of technology and the internet, online casinos have been able to make many changes over the past two decades. Yet, despite the variety of online blackjack games, there are only two ways you can play blackjack for money online.

Online blackjack interface

  • Online blackjack interface
  • Online blackjack interface
  • Online blackjack interface

RNG based blackjack

This was the original way to play online blackjack for real money and has remained to be one of the most sought-after ways to date. Basically, RNG-based blackjack gaming involves playing against a programmed blackjack game.

When you open the game, you are basically challenging software programmed to execute all the tasks a real human being would do. This includes dealing the cards each time you decide to hit, stand, split or undertake other plays in the game. To ensure a fair gaming experience, the best online blackjack casinos in the United States work closely with renowned and respected software providers. They also conduct frequent audits on these games to ensure they work as they are supposed to.

Playing online blackjack with a live dealer

This is the alternative to playing RNG-based blackjack games. As it states, you will be playing against the dealer and not software. The games are streamed live from either a gaming studio or a land-based casino. You get to see the dealer deal, hit, stand, split or perform other actions. Furthermore, you can interact directly with players seated at the table and the dealer. This is achieved through the innovative chat box located under the menu.

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Online live blackjack video stream

Blackjack game rules

Regardless of where you choose to play blackjack online in the USA, your basic objective remains the same. There can be side bets but the main goal is to form a hand that is stronger than that of the dealer without going above 21.

At the start of each round, two cards will be dealt to you - face up. The dealer will then deal two cards to himself/herself. This applies to the RNG-based blackjack game. However, unlike you, one of the dealer's cards will be facing down. The face-down card is referred to as the hole card. Once the cards have been dealt, you take turns to play, making move(s) with the aim of beating the dealer. Depending on the value of your card, you can decide to hit, stand, split, double down, take insurance, plus much more.

  • Dealer's turn to play

    When everyone at the table is done playing their round, the dealer is also required to make a move. However, unlike you, who has the liberty to hit or stand as you please, the dealer is bound to follow specific house rules.

    So, the first thing a dealer will do is peek at his hole card just to ensure he does not have a blackjack. This, however, only happens if the up-facing card is valued at 10. If not, the hole card is revealed, and the dealer is required to play following these rules: Hit if they have cards valued at 16 and below; Stand if they have cards valued at 17 and above. This, however, does not apply to all online real blackjack variations.

  • Winning in online blackjack

    Results are usually determined in two ways. If you are playing RNG-based blackjack games, you must wait until the dealer's turn is over to know your result unless you bust. In blackjack, busting means you have a hand value higher than the expected 21. In such a scenario, you automatically lose regardless of the dealer's hand value. If the dealer's hand value is above 21, and yours is below 21, you also win.

    If your hand value is higher than that of the dealer and lower than 21, you win, and the house pays out as per the odds. However, if your hand value equals the dealer's, the outcome is a draw/push. You get a full refund on your bet.

Online blackjack basic strategy

Online blackjack basic strategy is simple plays/moves you must make to improve your chance of winning. It is part and parcel of the rules as you play online blackjack for real money, and you must have a basic understanding of each move to improve your winning chances. Before you venture into online blackjack basic strategy, you must understand how each card is valued. The game of blackjack is played with cards, and the number of decks used in each game varies. However, the value of each card remains the same.

In a pack of cards, there are three different groups:

  • Number cards have numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. These cards retain their face value.
  • Then there are the face cards. These are the King (K), Queen (Q), and Jack (J). They are all valued at 10.
  • The last one is the Ace. This one can be valued as a 1 or 11. It's up to you to choose how you wish to value it.

For example, when you are dealt an Ace and a 10 as your first two cards, you automatically have a blackjack because the Ace is valued as 11. However, if you have an Ace and 9, you can choose to play it as 1 + 9 or 10 + 19. Whichever you see best, it's up to you.

Player's decisions in online blackjack

When do you execute online blackjack basic strategy? Right after you've been dealt your two face-down cards, you must make the following choices:

  • Hit

    Hitting in blackjack simply means you want the dealer to add you more cards. You can hit for as long as you wish, provided you don't exceed the 21 mark. Savvy players, however, know this is a foolish statement, and to improve your winning chances, you must hit right. Therefore, only hit if you have a low total and the dealer's up-card is a high-value card. For example, if you have a hand value of 13 and the dealer's card is 10, you are better off hitting. Consequently, the best move would be to take a chance and see what comes from the deck.

  • Stand

    This is the opposite of hitting. When you feel you have a strong hand against that of the dealer or risk busting if you hit, you decide to stand. If the dealer's up card is a low-value card, i.e., between 2 and 7, you should stand, unless you have a hand value less than 17.

  • Split

    You can only split a hand in blackjack if the first two cards dealt are a pair. For example, if you are dealt a 2-2, 5-5, Q-Q, etc. When you split a hand, you are basically playing two separate hands. So, immediately after splitting a hand, you are required to place a bet similar to the initial amount wagered. If you'd wagered, say, $10, you will have to place an extra bet of $10.

    Should you always split a pair? Well, not when you are playing against a strong up-card of the dealer. Why would you want to split a pair of 8s when the dealer has a 10-valued card? A hand of 16 is a very risky one, but it is better to stick with it than spend an additional $10 only to end up with a bad hand.

  • Double down

    You only double down when you believe you have a stronger hand than the dealer. When you hit the double down button, you will be asked to confirm. Hitting on the button again will increase your bet by 100%, and the dealer/casino will give you an extra card. You cannot make any other play. The best time to double down is when you have a 10 or 11, while the dealer has a weak up-card.

  • Insurance

    The option to take insurance automatically appears if the dealer's up card is an ace as the up card. If you decide to take an insurance bet, you must wager half your original bet to cover this 'insurance' bet. Taking an insurance, you are predicting that the hole card will result in a blackjack, i.e., the card facing down will be a 10-value card. You can already see that this is a very risky bet because there are only 16 ten-value cards out of 52 in a deck of cards. Simple mathematics shows you have a low probability of winning.

  • Surrender

    If you have a bad hand and you strongly believe the dealer's hand stands a better chance of winning than yours, you can decide to surrender. Should you settle for this option, you lose half the amount wagered. Note, however, that few blackjack games have this option. Others require you to sit out the whole process until the results are determined.

Card counting in online blackjack

Card counting in online blackjack is a strategy created by a mathematician, Edward Thorp. He realized that a player's edge over the house increases simply by removing a single 2 from a deck of cards. After putting his theory to the test, he devised a blackjack strategy that enabled him and other blackjack players to increase their chances of winning. You can find all the information in his book - Beat the Dealer. The principle behind card counting in online blackjack is estimating how likely the next card to be dealt will favor the dealer's or your hand. To achieve this, you must keep a tally of the low and high-value cards drawn during gameplay.

Card counting does not work in online blackjack. As for online blackjack with a live dealer, it is very hard to count cards there as well. Therefore, the best place to practice card counting would be land-based casinos, although most establishments have banned it due to its effectiveness. If caught, you could be banned for life from visiting the establishment or any brand associated with it. Some casinos, as seen in the film 21 featuring Kevin Spacey, can take rather extreme measures to deal with card counters.

Winnings odds in online blackjack

Unlike in a roulette game, where there are over 15 different types of payouts, in blackjack, these payouts are straightforward. For example, a straight bet win pays out at odds of 1:1. If you stake $10, you are paid $20.

A natural/blackjack win is where the first two cards you receive add up to 21. For this type of win, your bet is paid out at odds of 3:2. So a stake of $10 will give $15 (plus the initial $10 stake). Lastly, American players who take insurance that the dealer's hole card will result in a blackjack (natural) are paid out at odds of 2:1.

Online blackjack RTP

Game RTP
🔥 BetSoft Single Deck Blackjack 99.62%
✅ RTG Blackjack Perfect Pairs 99.59%
🤵 Pragmatic Play Live Blackjack 99.50%
❤️️ Pragmatic Play ONE Blackjack 99.28
💩 RTG Super 21 98.58%

Online blackjack tips

Keep in mind these online blackjack tips as you prepare to play the game. They are very basic yet effective when followed to the tee. Many players overlook them and because of this, they end up making mistakes that could easily have been avoided and won money playing blackjack.



Instead, take some time and play blackjack in demo mode. The RNG-based version of blackjack has all the features of the real money game. Familiarize yourself with the basic terminologies, rules, and other necessary information to help you easily switch to real money mode. Also, ensure you know the difference between a soft and hard hand in blackjack.



You will occasionally read about money management strategies such as the Martingale, Labouchere, and many more. The fastest way to go bust when it comes to your bankroll is to follow these strategies - blindly. In fact, the best strategy is your strategy. Look at how much money you have and develop a strategy to help you stake at least 10 times in a row, even when you are not winning. The reason why Edward Thorp became a good card counter is that he came up with his own idea.



While it can be the best and quickest way to double your money, it is the riskiest bet you can place as you play online blackjack for real money. So stay away from it at all costs.



The best online blackjack casinos are those that are licensed, offer a wide variety of games and payment methods, have high rankings online, and generally strive to offer a complete gaming experience to players. When you play in such a casino, even if you don't win money, you'll still have fun at the end of the day.

Online blackjack providers in US online casinos

There are some brilliant minds behind some of the popular online blackjack games. Skilled teams of geniuses work round the clock to develop games with smooth gameplay and stunning graphics. Without them, online casinos would be like any regular website with no content. And while there are hundreds of games you can pick from multiple online providers, these stand out as the top in the US online market.

  • Betsoft

    Betsoft blackjack

    Since the company's launch in 2006, Betsoft has earned a spot in the table where the best software providers sit. While it does a lot as far as online casino gaming is concerned, its specialty is in the design and development of 3D cinematographic representation. The images and sounds of the game have the highest quality possible.

    Its portfolio has a range of products, including online slots, video poker, and a casino administration and management platform. When it comes to blackjack, they currently have about five games. These include Super 7 Blackjack (99.71%), European Blackjack (98.38%), 21 Burn Blackjack (99.50%), Single Deck Blackjack (99.55%), and American (US) Blackjack (97.68%). From the numbers, it's evident Betsoft blackjack games have decent RTPs. In addition to that, they are also very easy to play on both desktop and mobile devices.

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  • Rival

    Rival blackjack

    Rival was founded in Cyprus in 2006 and has grown to become a significant contributor of games to the online gambling industry. It offers online slots, classic slots, progressive jackpot games, video poker, and specialty games. There are also a handful of table games, which include four blackjack titles. You can play Classic Blackjack (99.4%), Blackjack Multihand (99.38%), and Rolling Stack Blackjack (97.21%).

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  • RTG

    RTG blackjack

    RTG is an abbreviation for Realtime Gaming. Over the years, RTG has earned the trust of millions of players worldwide, including America, because of its commitment to delivering a cutting-edge gaming experience. While its portfolio mainly consists of online slots, RTG offers keno, roulette, video poker, baccarat, and blackjack games. You can play about five blackjack games, which include Blackjack Perfect Pairs and Blackjack 21. These games are exclusive to RTG-powered only casinos.

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  • Saucify

    Saucify blackjack

    Saucify was founded in 2006, originally under the name BetOnSoft. In 2014, they rebranded to the current name. Since then, they have worked round the clock to ensure a constant stream of games in their portfolio. Slots are the main offering in Saucify's portfolio, although it has roulette and keno games. You can also play online real blackjack games such as Atlantic City Blackjack, Single Deck Blackjack Elite Edition, European Blackjack Elite Edition, Single Deck Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, and Atlantic City Blackjack Elite Edition.

    The notable feature of Saucify blackjack games is the availability of standard and elite versions. The standard versions are meant to accommodate casual players and have a low limit of between $1 and $250. Elite variations offer a much higher limit, which can be $10 to $1000.

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  • Pragmatic Play

    Pragmatic Play blackjack

    It seems that Pragmatic Play is one of the hotcakes as online casino software developers are concerned. They are everywhere and operate in most countries where online gambling is allowed. Their popularity is justified as they are a brand that goes all out when it comes to online casino game development. In addition to video slots, the company also develops table games, which you can play in RNG and live dealer format. There are currently only two RNG-based blackjack games: American and Multihand Blackjack.

    If you'd rather play live dealer games, there is ONE Blackjack and Blackjack. These two live blackjack games are offered by highly trained, experienced, and professional dealers. They provide superior video quality and advanced in-house video broadcasting solutions.

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Online blackjack play for free


Online blackjack with bonus bets

Bonus bets in blackjack, also referred to as side bets, are non-compulsory bets you can place while playing blackjack, in addition to the regular bets. These bets are usually based on the prediction and assumption of which cards the dealer, and sometimes the player, will receive.

Bonus bets are a way to intensify or ramp up the fun, excitement, and action in your blackjack experience. This breaks the monotonous blackjack experience, which after a few hands, can become quite repetitive.

Which are some of the popular online blackjack games with bonus bet features? There are several games, including Rolling Stack Blackjack, 21+3 Blackjack, Royal Match Blackjack, and many more.


Becoming good at blackjack involves a lot of time and effort. You must spend hours playing the game to learn the ins and outs of the game. Although the journey to the top is not easy, the view from the apex is too good for any serious player to pass up. There are many variations of blackjack in US online casinos, some of which are explored in the article above. Before you indulge yourself with this game, you should learn the basics such as when to hit, stand or double down. Besides, you should also consider the major online blackjack tips and strategies. If you want to add diversity to the gameplay, pick a blackjack with side bets that can pay out way more than the standard 3:2.

Online Blackjack FAQ

Is online blackjack fair?

Yes, when you play blackjack online in the USA, you can rest assured of a fair, safe, and secure gaming experience. Fairness is achieved through Random Number Generator software installed in RNG-based games. At the best online casinos for blackjack, this software is usually audited to ensure its operation is 100% reliable.

How to play online blackjack?

You can play blackjack online in the USA in two modes: for real money or demo. The demo mode is exclusive to RNG-based games. Regardless of how you play it, you will face the dealer, who can be human or represented by a software. Open your preferred game, place your bet and start playing to form a stronger hand than the dealer without going above 21.

What RTP does online blackjack have?

This is an open-ended question because different games come with different RTPs. Generally, the RTP in online blackjack ranges from 96.50% to a high of 99.50%. However, a high RTP can be achieved when you use optimum strategy as you play blackjack for money online.

What are the most popular blackjack providers?

There are over 100 software providers that develop blackjack. Realtime Gaming (RTG), Betsoft Gaming, Rival, Saucify, and Pragmatic Play are some of the top companies operating in the USA and offering blackjack tables.

Where can I find the best online blackjack?

On analyzing many gambling sites, our experts have gathered the best online casinos for blackjack, which you can find on this page.

How much can I win in online blackjack?

How much you win as you play blackjack online in the USA depends on the game and the amount you stake. However, it can range from as little as $1 to as much as $10,000. If you play blackjack games with progressive jackpots, the prize money can be significantly higher.